intro to silversmithing

This introductory workshop for jewelry making is aimed at anyone who wants to make a piece of silver jewelry. We will start by covering basic safety rules of the workshop and introducing you to the tools you will be using for your project.

After this, we will have a brief discussion about the properties of different metals (copper, brass, silver, what an alloy is) and you will again have the opportunity for some “hands on” learning. You will learn about the process of annealing and the effect it has on metal, as well as the importance of different melting points. You will be given some scrap copper pieces in order to test out some of the tools in order to learn how to use them or see what effects they produce (e.g. hammering).

Then comes the fun part! We will discuss everyone’s design ideas as a group and then get your materials ready. After this, you will begin to work on your piece, with complete guidance from the tutor who will be on hand to help you every step of the way. You will be able to take your finished piece home at the end of the day, ready to wear!

Skills covered

  • Safety with equipment

  • Basic tools

  • Properties of metals: silver, brass and copper

  • Sawing & piercing

  • Hammering

  • Filing

  • Soldering or cold connections

  • Finishing – sanding & polishing


  • 8g silver – this can be sheet or wire, or a combination of both (extra silver will be charged at the market price, usually around 8000 IDR/g)

  • 2 test copper plates for practice

PRE-BOOK:       0812-3778-7376
COURSE FEE:   Rp600.000

DURATION: 10am - 1pm