Customised laser cut

Customised laser cut


Laser cutting is a thermal separation process. During the process, predetermined geometries are traversed and cut by the laser beam. As with engraving, a wide variety of materials can be used. A vector-based file (lines and curves of a geometry) is the basis for the cutting process.
Knowing how to use laser cutter will afford you various creative outcomes. 


  • Understanding CO2 lasers

  • Understanding Laser System: Raster VS Vector Graphics

  • Learn how to get most out of the connection between your computer & laser engraver

  • Learn how to safely setup and operate the laser machine

  • Learn how to work with image files for photo-engraving

  • Learn the safety aspects of different materials used to laser cut materials

PRE-BOOK:       0812-3778-7376
COURSE FEE:   Rp1.000.000
DURATION:      2 Days (2 hrs per session)